Life purpose

Note: I have a favor to ask for the benefit of both you and I at the end of the post, so if you want to skip ahead to check that out and contribute your questions and problems on the subject of life purpose I would be ever so grateful ♥ ps. it might as well be helpfull to read the blog first to rise questions from it that you’d like answers to.


For the couple of days now I’ve been dwelling in the depts of the subject of life purpose. It has been the most fun I’ve had in a long time! The purpose of my studies is to write a short kindle book about it, attaining a collection of all the best things you need to know about the subject.

There really is no purpose outside of what you are doing right now. Everything you ever do is your purpose – and at the same time will get you to your purpose. Even if you know there is only now. For the sake of understanding, I’ve devided the meaning of a purpose into two peaces: internal and external purpose.

When you find your internal purpose of the ever present now it’s easier to work with your external purpose. Why? You don’t get attached to the outcomes of your works and the means and won’t have such a hard time with all the work it requires to excecute the external purpose. The purpose will flow from inside of your soul, rather than your egoic desires measured by the outer expectations.

Even if you do mentally know that all you do right now is your purpose, there is “ticks and tricks” to understanding how it all works in the short and the long run. Knowing that it becomes easier to actually flow towards what is best for your growing and the servise to humanity.

The book will cover a lot of the questions around what is a purpose, how to recognice the purpose for you, how to know you are living your purpose and how to navigate trough the challenges along the way.

I’ve gathered the most essential information you will need to know to get started with understanding and finding the passion in your life as you know it. If you do feel that you actually already know your purpose, or find that you don’t need to find it by looking for it (which you don’t have to do essentially, which usually mean mental bondering around the topic), you will still get a lot of good information and value to your life from the imput of pointings I’ve intuitively picked for this summary of reaserch and by personal experience.

You might think why would I listen to you, how are you qualified to tell us about a subject that you very likely have little to nothing experience as a 21 years old kid. Yeas, I am not a guru, I don’t have a degree or specialty in this type of subject – but, I am doing this because I am internally driven to do so. This is my passion at the moment, I feel great calling to do this. And there is no great meaning apart from your joy. I have been motivated to study these subjects on my own for a while now, from self help teachers to spiritual “gurus”. And have diven in the depts of my own mind to find my meaning within. I hope you will be motivated to do so also, or not, either way, these words are for you and you only.

I really am happy and exited of what I’ve gathered for you for you to enjoy your life more and have the means to actually actualize the passion and calling withing you for the higher meaning in life.

I will be updating the progression of the book in my instagram page: . Don’t worry, it will not be a book of houndreds and houndreds of pages, I will be keeping it as short as possible to keep your mind interested enough to have you actually find interest in the subject and possibly even finish the book (which has been a hardship for me with reading books, one does not simply have the time and lasting willingness to sit trough the whole book). It will be short and simple, what you need to know and do – and what you already are doing by the fact.

And, it will not cost tens of euros (or dollars). Making a book as short as it can be and publishing it in kindle form will make it very affordable.

So, the guestion and the favor I’m asking from you now is: What is it that you want to know about life purposes? What are your difficulties on the subject? What do you want to know more about? What do you not understand even if you’ve been scratching the surface (or gone even more deeper) on your own?

You can ask your questions in here, my latest instagram post or in my facebook account (Nanna Korpela) where I’ll share this post. I will answer all your questions and more in the book if you have any, to make the compiling of the subject ever more all-comprehending.

Either way, Have a lovely day! (:




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