How to feel better and raise your frequency

For some time now I’ve gathered a few techniques from different spiritual teachers that help me day to day to make myself feel better. Now I would want to share some of those techniques and how to raise your frequence, which is actually all the same.

What does it mean to raise ones frequency?

We all have a certain frequency we vibrate at that determines what is in our reality. The lower you vibrate the worse situation you will encounter and vice versa a high vibration will draw good opportunities and experiences to your existense. For example a low vibration can manifest illnesses in your body where again a good vibration can get you a raise in your job. It will also reduce the amount of love and intuition you can experience.

How to know what your frequency is is? By your emotions. When you feel a lot of fear or other considered negative emotions that means your vibration is low. Good feeling feelings like joy, gratitude and trust are high vibrational frequencies.

There are many ways of going about raising your frequency. Basically what ever feels good, will increase your vibration and vice versa. So you do need to get in touch with your emotions and feelings for this matter. I’m going to give you some of my methods that work for me and most possibly with you.


Choose thoughts that feel good
Our emotions and the thoughts that we’re thinking are in a connection: your negative emotions create negative emotions and your positive ones positive emotions. So you have to come to grips on what your thought processess are. Practise observing your thoughts when ever you feel a negative or positive emotion. When you think a negative emotion start questioning that thought and pick a thought that feels better. For example I could think “I’m a horrible person”. I would notice the negative emotion in my body and then start to think how that statement is not true, for example “Well, I do want to help people so I might not be that bad.” You can continue to come up with even better thoughts untill you feel better.

Use affirmations
Affirmations help to bridge the gap bitween your “lower” self and your higher self. They tune us into a frequency created by the thoughts we then deliberately have. From the channeled book The Book of Love And Creation by Paul Selig I got a rather effective affirmations to use: “I am in my love” and “I am in love”. They are affirmations that will without you knowing it tune your frequency to the vibration of love, that is the most highest vibration there is.
You might want to try and see what other affirmations work for you that make you feel good. Remenber to pick those ones that you actually believe to be true. It doesn’t help to think “I am lovable” if you don’t think you are. Instead you can for example think “I am an interesting person”.

Ask yourself questins
You can ask yourself daily: What would I want to do right now? What would make me feel a little bit better? What would make me feel a little bit safer (for example) ? What would someone who loved themselves do? What would my higher self do? What would my inner child want to do? You can take what ever question resonates with you the most. You can also do this with any emotion or need you find hard having or getting, like safety or connectedness: What would make me feel a little bit more connected with others?
Don’t dismiss any of even the simplest answers, sometimes it might be just to drink water, go under the covers or watch some comedy. What ever comes up is a valid choise to try.


Feel your feelings
Ones I was feeling really down, so I tried this technique. I focused on my feelings and observed them. First they amplified and felt even more bigger in my body, but then they started to morph and finally dissipate. That’s because our body has a system intached that allows our body to heal itself when letting yourself feel your feelings as they are. Feeling your feelings as they are relaxes your being into freeing those emotions in your body. It will make your vibration higher by raising your emotional state to a better feeling state thats frequency is higher.
It is also important to express the emotions you are having, so talk about them to someone you trust or wright it on your journal, punch a pillow if you have to or scream in it – what ever alike you have to do in that moment.

The feel good process
I like to do this process when I want to amplify my consiously creating my reality habits. This process is about making you feel a certain emotion by remembering or creating a certain situation where you felt or can feel that emotion and then taking that memory into and around your body. For example if I want to feel more secure I will imagine myself in a cottage with lots of warmth and many blankets around. I will imagine hot cocoa and toast and my most loved family members in that cottage. Then I’ll make that visualization come trough my head into my body filling every inch of it, also cocooning myself with it. I’ll stay there as long as I want. This will manifest more of that feeling state into your physical reality.


Different foods contain different frequencies of energy. The more natural and closer to nature the food is the better the vibration. Fruits, vegetables and nuts are a good example of this. They have a very high frequency that will align your body with their energy creating health, wellbeing and groundedness. Meat however is a low vibrational food that contains trauma left from the animals. The closer to human the animal is the worse it is to your body, so it’s better to eat chicken and fish than for example pork and beef.

Getting back to nature
It has been studied that the nature has a way of lowering our stress levels even effecting our blood pressure positively. That’s because nature has healing powers. It heals negativity from our body with it’s mother gaia frequency. So go give a tree a hug. Walk in the grass barefoot and take some salth baths, enjoy the sun and listen to the birds.

Everybody knows that exercise is good for the body and that it can lift your mood up. It is one of the recommended treatments for depression. But one of the reasons it works so well is that it raises your frequency higher. It makes energy able to move trought your body and releases endorphins – frequency elevating chemicals.
For me the thing is to run. I love the feeling of being able to run free and the feeling of pushing your limits. But for you it might be anything, just find the thing that makes you happy and that you feel good and inspirated to do.


Really anything that makes you feel good emotions will raise your frequency. What I think is the most important technique to do is to ask yourself questions and have a connection to yourself on a mental level trought observing your thoughts. Espesially important is the question what would someone who loved themselves do, for it makes us tune into the best action to get us move closer to the vibration of love. And love is the most highest of them all. ♥



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